Hunting assumptions ‘are plainly wrong’


IN response to Kim Stacey’s letter headlined ‘Heart Morass absurdity’, the only absurdity is that actions are attributed to lawful duck hunters based on assumption and prejudice.

Heart Morass is a pristine wetland, reinstated by the hard work of hunters through Field and Game Australia’s Wetland Environmental Taskforce, with generous support from the Hugh DT Williamson Foundation.

Heart Morass is currently subject to an ongoing investigation with regards to PFAS contamination from RAAF Base, East Sale.

The Environment Protection Authority issued advice not to consume duck, eels or fish harvested from Heart Morass based on initial limited testing.

Additional testing has just been completed, and while the levels were substantially lower, the EPA kept the advice in place.

Field and Game Australia has provided all members, and particularly users of Heart Morass, with information on the investigation and the consumption advice, which is purely precautionary.

There is no evidence currently of adverse health impacts.

Members who chose to hunt the property were also reminded of their legal and ethical obligations to retrieve game birds and harvest the meat.

Compliance with the regulations was observed by Field and Game Australia staff, enforcement authorities and a leading wildlife biologist who was on site doing duck research.

The letter was an attempt to smear hunters, but the assumptions made were plainly wrong.