Wurruk is ‘unfairly highlighted’


WE would like to express great disappointment with the Gippsland Times for publishing, on the front page of two issues, large photos of a Wurruk house after a recent drug raid.

While we were pleased with the brilliant work by Victoria Police, we feel Wurruk was unfairly highlighted by the paper, despite there being one raid, while Sale had four raids and Stratford and Heyfield had two raids each.

Wurruk Community House and the Wurruk Harmony Group have committees comprising community-minded residents who work to improve the lives of all residents in the Wurruk area.

Some of their work is reflected in the completion of the Wurruk to Sale pathway, Wurruk playground, the barbecue area and half court for basketball, family-friendly events and welcome packs handed to new residents.

One of the biggest obstacles that Wurruk faces is the false perception that Wurruk is an unpleasant place to live, when the reality is quite different.

Wurruk has a handful of difficult residents, but the vast majority of the area is a peaceful and friendly place to live.

Having Wurruk on the front page of the local paper does nothing but reinforce the negative reputation our small township battles, and negates the work of many good people.

We feel a published apology should be made, making it clear that all towns appear to have the same (if not worse) drug problems.