Do our political leaders pass the ‘pub test’?

From Glen Sumner, Sale:


I THOUGHT I would test the popular opinion of the people and go to the “rubberty dub, three men in a pub” and yes it was 9am, as the federal leadership was revolting.

I found that all members of the “pub test” when I arrived had an opinion on where our country and state is heading.

All are extremely vocal and bemused, confused and downright disgusted at our political system, not only in Victoria, but on a political level.

The lads and ladies on the grass level are sick of the infighting and self-interest of our politicians and need some people to rise and give a voice to the people of what we want.

Our region of central and east Gippsland needs a new voice, one that listens and acts for the people of our region, regardless of political bias.

Let us rise to show the rest of Victoria and in the long run Australia what we of Gippsland region stands for.

I hear our local members spruiking their wares like a town crier ringing their bell, but there is no substance behind it rather than political adherence.

I urge all to look out of the square, and elect someone in the future elections who will represent our area and not the inner core.