More fire prevention measures needed

Maurie Killeen, Stratford


RESIDENTS, landholders and motorists need to take note of two items in last week’s Gippsland Times.

On page 10, B Richardson has a letter to the editor in which he writes about his son’s efforts in preparation for the fire season on his property at Briagolong.

Mr Richardson is concerned at the lack of effort by Wellington Shire Council to clean up the roadsides near the property.

The other item is on page three, with the heading ‘Readying to fight fires’.

The article gives a glowing report of all the aircraft to be on standby.

That’s fine. Well done, but fires cannot be suppressed by aircraft alone.

We need to see a glowing report of the prevention to reduce the fuel loads in the cooler months.

People need to be aware action on fire prevention by councils and government authorities has greatly diminished in the past decade.

With efforts by the Andrews government to carve up CFA and the empire building of Emergency Management Victoria, government seems to take the attitude prevention is too hard and adopted a ‘wait for a fire to get going and think about how to put it out then’ attitude.

Government has opted for a media campaign to transfer blame from government authorities to the private sector, to clean up their properties, with the added sting of heavy fines if a fire starts on private property and goes onto government land.