Claims on gender equality are incorrect

John Gwyther, Coongulla


LEE Marchant’s key assertions — “gender equality is the everyday experience of women all over the country”, and “gender equality has been a reality in Australia for some time now” are not supported by the facts.

According to the Global Gender Gap annual report which was recently released by the World Economic Forum, Australia’s performance on gender equality has been falling since 2006.

We are now ranked 39th in the developed world, compared to 15th in 2006 and seventh for New Zealand.

We are right down there with those bastions of gender equality Argentina, Portugal, Serbia, Colombia, Ecuador and Poland.

Recent local reports on pay equality have also shown large gaps that any caring nation should be ashamed of.

As for his position that we should not be indoctrinating school children, I say, “why not?”.

We adults (or perhaps I should say “we men”) have clearly proven that we do not wish for greater gender equality.

Let the next generation get inspired by and activate for change, and not just on gender equality either.