Bypass plan needed for Sale

Bob Hammill, Sale


WHEN the Labor state government stops playing petty politics with road funding, the Sale bypass will become a reality.

In anticipation of that, Wellington Shire Council needs to give more serious consideration to the affect of that change.

Once completed, thousands of tourists who currently drive through Sale will pass by without seeing what Sale has to offer.

Council desperately needs to work on developing a real attraction to encourage travelers to take the diversion, stay a while and spend a few dollars within the community.

Currently brochures and websites try to make a big deal of walkways and the Swing Bridge and frankly, the only reason I go out of my way to see the bridge is to marvel at the fact that Bernie Grubb once rode his bike across the top rail.

There are real opportunities to develop something special.

Events, special stopover facilities, or attractions are all on the table.

Everyone in Sale benefits if council has the capacity to identify, develop, market an opportunity which ultimately attracts additional revenue to this community.