Waterways in dire need

Matt Ridgeway, Sale


WATER in this nation is extremely important, and our waterways are in dire need.

I visited the Port of Sale last week, and the water was murky and polluted and had litter floating on the top. Carp were swimming around gasping for air.

There are simple answers to this.

People, stop being pigs and put your litter safely into rubbish bins.

Solar powered aerators could be installed in the canal.

A nationwide water grid and desalination plants could provide water all year round allowing our rivers to flow.

The water grid is super expensive though, but it is also super vital for the survival of our rural industries here in Australia. It is a massive project that will drought proof the nation and ensure the land becomes more beautiful and productive year after year as well as creating long term jobs for many, many Australians.

Not a pipe dream, a solid commitment will make it work. Something our local politicians must bring up in local, state and federal governments.