Liberals-Nationals govt has ‘failed us’

Dan Caffrey, Traralgon


WHEN our federal MHR Darren Chester gets onto television, radio or into local newspapers, he often sinks the boot into the Greens, which just enrages Greens supporters in our rural areas.

At every election the Greens appear last on the Nationals how-to-vote cards below some candidates who are outright homophobic, Islamaphobic or racist.

Even in the light of the One Nation scandal, where Hanson’s party tried to solicit funds from the NRA in America, the Greens will still probably be last on the Nat’s how-to-vote card if One Nation runs a candidate here.

But the truth is more revealing as to who really has country people’s interest at heart.

Where was the National Party when Gippsland was threatened with fracking for unconventional gas?

It was only the Greens standing up for farmers and country people in the state parliament that prevented this, while Mr Chester and his party were fence-sitters at best, and together with the Liberals were talking up CSG as an answer to Australia’s “gas shortage”.

And what are the Nationals doing about climate change?

This is the greatest threat to farmers for generations to come, yet no political party has done more to prevent effective action on climate change than the National Party.

If there was a conflict between miners and farmers, inevitably the Nationals have sided with the miners in supporting new coal mines and coal fired power stations, despite renewable energy now being cheaper.

And where are the Nationals in relation to the proposed Glenaladale mineral sands mine?

Mr Chester’s party has been in government for 17 out of the last 23 years and it is no coincidence that Australia, with just 0.34 per cent of the world’s population, produces more than 1.3 per cent of the world’s greenhouse gas pollution, and has presided over environmental disasters such as the Murray Darling Basin.

On this record, can anyone think that the National and Liberal parties have the credibility to lead us for another three years in increasingly challenging times? I’ll be looking to the Greens for that, as the old parties with their vested interests have simply failed us.