Improved access to education is needed

Matthew Ridegway, Sale


I AM concerned about the access to education our kids have in the area, including Sale, Stratford, Maffra, Longford and Rosedale.

There needs to be far more opportunity for education above Year 10 in the region.

The limitations on access to information technology, health care and medicine, just to begin with, truly falls short.

As a parent, I would feel heartbroken if my child had to leave home just to further their education.

And if one’s family is on the low socio-economic scale in the region, then your kids will be taught to be waiters and bar staff, probably against their wishes.

We need to broaden the opportunities for our youngsters in the area, to be a truly fair and equal society.

It is pretty poor form to only fund education in the larger populated areas.

I am sure there could be more places of education that would bring the balance of opportunity to all Australians in these times.

We could have places of education that assist with distance learning where study area rooms provide online education access and staff are on hand to offer assistance.

We are beyond education isolation in these times.

Come on people in government, we can do better in our regions now – not in 20 years’ time.