Grammar’s $500,000 boost

GIPPSLAND Grammar has received a major funding boost for its proposed multi-purpose area and sports hall.

Gippsland MHR Darren Chester said the school’s senior campus would receive $500,000 towards the project, which would also include the extension of the existing gymnasium and installation of a lift.

Mr Chester said the grant would allow the school to provide a much-needed indoor recreational space for its Garnsey campus senior students.

“Gippsland has fantastic schools right across the region that give our kids the best possible start in life with a quality education and access to sport and recreation,” he said.

“I had a chance to tour the existing facilities at Gippsland Grammar school recently and the new sports centre will be an exciting addition to the school as it continues to expand as part of its master plan.

“The Gippsland Grammar school community should be congratulated for coming together to generously contribute to this project.”

The school is contributing more than $2 million towards the total project cost of $2.5 million.

Gippsland Grammar principal David Baker said the school was grateful to the Federal Government and the school’s foundation for making the project possible.

“The new gymnasium will be a great asset to the school, improving our sporting facilities and providing more flexible learning spaces for our students,” he said.

“Gippsland Grammar competes in weekly sporting fixtures as part of the South Eastern Independent Schools Association competition.

“The extra court will enable us to provide outstanding facilities when hosting our competitor schools.”

The Federal Government funding was allocated under the Capital Grants Program, which provides funding for significant infrastructure projects at non-government primary and secondary schools.

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Education Scott Ryan, who is responsible for the CGP funding, said the program helped non-government schools which otherwise may not have access to sufficient capital resources.

He congratulated the school for its commitment to improving the opportunities for the region’s students.

Works are expected to begin later this year, and are expected to be completed by August next year.