Planting to provide for their pets

STUDENTS at McCole Street Children’s Centre, Sale, began a week-long celebration of sustainability on Wednesday by planting new vegetables in their veggie garden.

Taking on an initiative of Cool Australia’s Enviroweek 2014, the early learning centre has implemented a range of sustainable processes to help protect the environment.

McCole Street Children’s Centre manager Annette Nico said the centre had a sustainability plan which included a sustainable garden, recycling and conservational water practices.

“We’ve established an area outside to engage in sustainability practices,” she said.

“In previous years, we would grow beans and strawberries so the children could just go out to the garden to pick them and have a snack.

“Now we’re going to grow food for the two rabbits and guinea pigs that are living at the centre.”

Bendigo Bank Sale will help by selling enviro bags. Customer relationship manager Melissa Thomas said the money raised would be put towards tools and plants to maintain the centre garden.

“The centre had the green thumb idea so we decided we would support the project,” Ms Thomas said.

Ms Nico said the money would contribute significantly to the centre’s sustainability plan.

“The money will definitely help to be able to use the garden everyday and to help the children tend to the garden,” Ms Nico said.

To make a donation or to purchase an enviro bag, visit the Bendigo Bank in Sale.