Boisdale playgroup-school partnership

BOISDALE Community Playgroup officially opened its doors to local parents and children on Wednesday morning.

Located at Boisdale Consolidated Primary School, the playgroup will provide an interactive social experience for children from birth to five years and their parents or guardians.

School principal David Keil said the idea was pitched to the school council by parent Dianne Morrison.

“She came up with the proposed plan and the school council were very enthusiastic,” he said.

Mr Keil said the playgroup had been set up in a vacant classroom and was being managed by Boisdale Community Playgroup president Marzenka Rickard and vice president Carolyn Dierickx.

“It was a prep room, but when we got new facilities in 2010, this room wasn’t needed as a classroom and it was just sitting here very much under utilised,” he said.

Mr Keil said the playgroup would have access to school resources and facilities and encouraged parents from the local community to attend.

“We want our resources to be shared by the community,” Mr Keil said.

“Everyone is welcome; they don’t need to be a parent of the school or even consider coming here, we welcome anybody who would like to come along.”

Playgroup Victoria playgroup development consultant for Gippsland Leanne Dhami attended the launch and said the playgroup was a great initiative for the local community.

“Playgroups are recognised as increasing social support and being the backbone for small communities, being a great supportive network for parents and providing learning opportunities for the children,” Ms Dhami said.

“It’s about getting kids school ready.

“Playgroups are amazing things for kids before school.”

The playgroup will open Wednesdays and Fridays, from 9.30am to 11.30am during school terms.

Cost is $3 per family per week, and children should take a piece of fruit.

For more information phone Marzenka Rickard on 0417 102 164.