Highway work continues

UPGRADES to the Princes Highway west of Sale have reached another milestone, with a $13.5 million contract to duplicate the highway from Fulham to Wurruk awarded.

Gippsland MHR Darren Chester said the contract awarded to Winslow Constructions would duplicate an additional 2.8 kilometres of the highway from Sale-Heyfield Rd in Fulham to Reid Drive in Wurruk.

“Works will involve constructing new west-bound traffic lanes to provide two lanes in each direction with a 15-metre central median,” he said.

“A roundabout will also be constructed at Sale-Heyfield Rd and upgrades undertaken at Polocrosse Lane to improve safety and provide additional vehicle protection.

“The upgrade will complement works already completed or underway between Traralgon and Sale, including the recently opened section from Stammers Rd to Minniedale Rd near Traralgon.”

Mr Chester said Princes Highway east was an important transport link between Melbourne and Gippsland supporting key dairy, timber, paper, coal and gas industries in the region.

“Up to 17,000 vehicles use the Princes Highway east every day, so upgrading the highway will deliver vital economic benefits to the region,” he said.

“I look forward to work starting on these upgrades later this year and their expected completion in late 2016.”