Planning for Longford’s future

WITH preference to retain the town’s rural character, the final draft of the Longford Development Plan is now available for public viewing and comment.

The plan provides design guidance and sets out the infrastructure requirements that must be delivered through the development process in order to enable Longford to effectively grow.

Land along the South Gippsland Highway and Longford-Loch Sport Rd are earmarked for potential subdivision for residential use.

Potential locations of new roads has also been included.

The plan also proposes an “activity centre”, providing convenience shopping for residents, on the corner of the highway and Longford-Loch Sport Rd.

Released in March, the draft Longford Development Plan contained two different growth scenarios.

On the basis of community feedback, a preference to strengthen Longford’s role and character as a rural lifestyle settlement informed the detailed progression of the plan.

Now on exhibition, the final draft is the result of Wellington Shire Council planning officers working with the community to provide a detailed development plan that will facilitate the efficient and co-ordinated growth of Longford.

The final draft has been informed by feedback from the community and addresses issues relating to land use, development patterns, road networks, open spaces and infrastructure provision.

Given the extensive size of the study area and the complex nature of land ownership patterns, the plan is proposing a precinct-based approach to unlock development potential.

Mayor Carolyn Crossley said council’s strategic planning team had taken the community feedback into account when developing the plan.

“The rural residential character is highly valued by the Longford community and as such will be further enhanced and reflected in the future long-term development of the settlement,” she said.

The final draft of the Longford Development Plan will be on exhibition until Monday, September 7, and can be downloaded from council’s website or viewed in hard copy at council’s Sale service centre, 18 Desailly St.

Following the exhibition period, all comments received will be considered and, where appropriate, incorporated into the plan before it is formally presented to council for final adoption.

Feedback can be conveyed to the strategic planning team by completing council’s online website form or emailing