Jude Perl returns to Sale

Jude Perl at The Wedge. Photo: Contributed

Stefan Bradley

The Wedge will see the return of masterful singer, songwriter and comedian Jude Perl to Sale when she performs her brand new show Participation Award on Saturday, May 14.

Ms Perl was a hit when she helped launch The Wedge’s 2022 season in February, and her new show is an entertaining and hilarious musical comedy exploration of bullying and our school system.

Jude Perl’s unique style of songwriting brings to life this show that begs the age-old question – why does school suck so much?

Many of the songs featured can be heard on Ms Perl’s album released last month, also called Participation Award.

Ms Perl described Participation Award to the Gippsland Times as a one-person theatre show.

“It’s a narrative with songs, scenes and sketches that I perform. There’s an overarching story that’s told,” Ms Perl said.

“It’s about going to school in the 90s.”

“I love performing at The Wedge. It’s a nice theatre and I really love the piano there. The restaurant there was buzzing when I was last there and the people were lovely. 10 out of 10.”

Ms Perl named Stevie Wonder as a key influence on her songwriting.

“I learnt from his amazing use of harmony, and of course he’s one of the greatest voices of all time,” she said.

The musical comedy act that shaped Ms Perl the most was New Zealand duo Flight of the Conchords.

“I feel that Flight of the Conchords took music comedy to the best of both worlds. The songs sounded amazing and they were the funniest ever. So seeing them for the first time was mind blowing,” she said.

“I’m also in awe of Maria Bamford. She’s an amazing comedian.”

After the “shadow lockdown” that occurred at the start of the year during the first Omicron wave, Ms Perl hopes that people support the arts.

“My show is all-original music. I feel that seeing music by Australian artists is so important. There’s so many people out there doing amazing things. It’s a dynamic show, it’s fun and there’s a lot there for those who grew up in the 90s, or who had a rough time in school. It’s not a heavy show, it’s a fun show.”

The show starts from 8pm on Saturday.