Olivia’s sleep secrets: a closer look at bedtime routine

Sleep expert Olivia Arezzolo.

OLIVIA Arezzolo, who grew up in Sale, is Australia’s leading sleep expert and is writing a regular column for the Gippsland Times.

Today, Olivia explains her bedtime routine in more detail.

1. Block out blue light a minimum of two hours before bed. Light is the number one factor to control the circadian rhythm, and therefore, melatonin levels. Even dim light, left on overnight, can impair melatonin synthesis, the key hormone to make you sleepy, by 50 per cent. Do this by wearing blue light glasses.

2. Take lavender oil capsules: A 2010 study published in academic journal Phytomedicine noted that lavender oil capsules could improve sleep quality by 45 per cent, and reduce anxiety by 59 per cent – ideal for those who can’t switch off in the evening.

3. Have a goodnight phone alarm (an alarm to disconnect you from tech) one hour before bed.

4. Take a shower – by emerging from a steamy shower to a cooler bathroom, your core body temperature drops and sleepiness hormone melatonin is produced – as noted by a 2019 study lead by The University of Texas at Austin. Ideally, this is one hour before bed too.

5. Have a magnesium based sleep supplement. A 2017 paper by The University of Leeds highlighted magnesium could reduce anxiety by 31 per cent – which can otherwise contribute to bedtime resistance.

6. Read for 20 minutes. A 2009 study by the University of Sussex found this can reduce stress by 68 per cent, with the effects starting in just six minutes.

7. Use an eye mask, blocking out that sleep sabotaging light.

Olivia recently released her book Bear, Lion or Wolf: How Understanding Your Sleep Type Could Change Your Life.


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