THESE kids are in the little leagues, but big on creativity.

The LEGO Building Competition Final took place on Saturday at the Gippsland Centre in Sale, after a week of LEGO workshops with almost 300 participants, where the best junior and senior builder would qualify for the final.

The sections were segmented by school year level, with the juniors pieced together by Preps to Year 4, and the seniors by Years 5 to 10.

While the parents were having fun cheering their children on, the young contestants were focused, knowing they had just one hour to build something of their choice. And brick by brick, the masterpieces were put together.

In the juniors, it was Year 2 student Lincoln Clancy who pieced together a spectacular blockbuster win in the final with a LEGO-made apple tree.

“I was happy and surprised,” the eight-year-old said of his win.

Gippsland Centre manager, Emma Waghorne said the event was a partnership between the centre and the Maffra-based LEGO retailer, Bricks to the World.

“We wanted an inclusive school holiday activity, and it was the most well-attended one we’ve ever had,” Ms Waghorne said.

“It went gangbusters everyday.”

From Monday to Friday last week for the first week of school holidays, there were LEGO workshops, with the best builders each day returning to compete on Saturday. A LEGO display was also set up, and kids not interested in competition could play freely with LEGO and DUPLO building blocks.

Prizes at the Grand Final were gift vouchers for Bricks to the World, with first place earning a $100 voucher, $50 (second), and $25 (third).

Lincoln couldn’t wait, and used his voucher on a LEGO Grogu (also known as The Child or Baby Yoda), a character from The Mandalorian, a Disney+ show set in the Star Wars universe.

Discussing the event’s wide appeal, Bricks to the World sales director, Brad Spunner said building LEGO is a fun activity that helps a child explore their imagination and creativity through play.

“The whole week of preliminary building rounds went very well and was completed in an orderly, fun and friendly manner,” Mr Spunner said.

“The final took place over an hour and in good spirits. The children (were) actively chatting to their fellow competitors and helping each other find the correct pieces that they needed to complete the builds.”

A brick-solid display of friendly competition.

As the week of LEGO was such a success, Bricks to the World has been invited to do another event at the centre in the lead-up to Christmas.

It won’t be the only local Lego event for budding master builders.

Bricks to the World’s annual ‘Brickstravaganza’ will return to Maffra, with a November date most likely.

This event brings builders and their LEGO models from all over Victoria, Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales to Maffra to display their creations. Over the past six years, Bricks to the World has donated close to $50,000 to Central Gippsland Health Dialysis Unit from this initiative.

Details to be confirmed soon.

Gippsland Centre LEGO Building Competition Final Results

Junior division: 1st Lincoln C; 2nd Murray A; 3rd Hannah D

Senior Division: 1st Brodie T; 2nd Lachlan M; 3rd Azariah R