We’ll miss you Granty

Former Latrobe Valley Express and Gippsland Times employee Paul Grant, who was with the company for close to 50 years, died last week.

The Latrobe Valley Express and Gippsland Times lost one of its longest serving employees last week.

Paul Grant died last Wednesday in his Traralgon home after a battle with lung cancer.

He was 64.

Mr Grant served the newspaper for the best part of 50 years, working as a typographer, designer and compositor.

Most of the pages in the Express since 1977 had Mr Grant’s fingerprints behind them.

He adopted new newspaper production technology and systems as they evolved, and excelled in the use of new technology as it became available.

He applied these skills to help the Express gain widespread industry recognition for its typography, design and layout, a critical but largely unseen element of a newspaper’s personality.

Working in production and editorial, Mr Grant was the man primarily responsible for the look of the Express and its associated publications, one being the Gippsland Times.

His work in page layout and efficiency in seeing pages completed was unmatched.

Put simply, there was no one better.

Going about his trade quietly, Mr Grant’s passion for producing the best looking page led to the Express and Gippsland Times delivering some memorable fronts.

That being said, ‘Granty’ always believed each page was as important as the last, and applied this line of thinking in all his work.

Latrobe Valley Express and Gippsland Times General Manager Bruce Ellen said Mr Grant would be dearly missed.

“All our team are deeply saddened by the passing of a greatly valued friend and colleague who devoted his working life of 45 years to the Express, and in turn its readership,” Mr Ellen said.

His legacy continues not only through the standard of professionalism he set, but with his son Lauchlan a current Express employee.

Mr Grant had been dealing with lung cancer for the last two years caused by cigarettes which he gave up in 1992.

He retired from fulltime work at the end of last year to deal with his health.

“High regard to for acquaintances and mates during life’s work at the stone including the journos,” he said at the time.

Mr Grant’s funeral was held yesterday.

He is survived by wife Caroline and their children Jason, Trina, Nicholas, Lauchlan and Cameron.