After two weeks as the number one bestselling music book on Amazon in Sweden and numerous international glowing reviews, Backstage Pass: The Grit and the Glamour, a non-fiction novel written by Newborough-based musician Joe Matera about life as a musician, hit Australian shelves in June.

Australian guitarist, rock journalist and most recently published author Joe Matera will make his way to Sale on Thursday (August 4) to launch his novel at the Port of Sale from 7pm.

Mr Matera promises to deliver a book launch like no other.

“It won’t be your typical book launch event,” he said.

“I will talk about the book and read from it, and there will be a Q+A, but after that, I will perform a mini-concert for an added element.”

Born in Kyabram, Victoria, Joe Matera was born with music in his veins.

“When I was growing up, the radio was always on,” he said.

“In the 70s (and 80s), there was a weekly music show called Countdown on ABC. I would watch it every week. Countdown cemented my love for music.

“So at 15, I taught myself to play the guitar by playing along to my parent’s record collection,”

Mr Matera carried his childhood love of music into adulthood, turning it into his profession.

“I joined my first band in the late 80s,” he said.

“I played with a number of groups before pursuing a solo career, and have been signed to a few record labels.”

Joe Matera’s experience on stage and living the life of a musician gave the Australian guitarist a major advantage when he began his work as a rock journalist.

Between 1999 and 2011, Mr Matera published over 600 articles, interviewing some of the biggest stars in rock music history.

“I have interviewed bands like Aerosmith, Kiss, Bon Jovi, P!nk, the Foo Fighters, which have been in magazines such as Metal Hammer and Total Guitar,” he said.

Through his journey as a musician and rock journalist, Mr Matera kept diaries, documenting his experiences and the realities of life as a travelling musician.

When COVID hit, he, like all other musicians, was unable to perform. With time on his hand, Mr Matera turned to his old journals and began writing.

“(The book) is basically what it is like to be an artist,” Mr Matera said.

“It is a lot of hard work and just normal people who have a talent for creating music.

“It highlights that music idols are really just people and that it’s not about the money, it’s about the love.

“It hasn’t been easy, but guitar playing is what I love, and music is my calling.

“What develops your character and who you are is the experiences you have in life; my book encompasses that.

“Backstage Pass is just a really good book about music and artists.”

Bookings are essential to see Joe Matera at the Port of Sale.

To secure your seat, visit the Wellington Library website.