Decision on Stevens St likely next month

WELLINGTON Shire Council is likely to decide next month what it will do with an application to allow for a residential development on Stevens St, Sale.

An application is currently before council to rezone two lots of land on the south side of Stevens St and rezone them into 11 residential lots.

Council recently received a petition, with 802 signatures, asking it to reject the planning scheme amendment.

Opponents believe the development could have a significant negative impact on the landscape of the street, denying views of the nearby wetlands.

They also believe the development would threaten flora and fauna.

Council voted to consider the petition as a submission to the amendments.

The acceptance of submissions closed early last month

Following the consideration of more submissions, council can vote to abandon the amendment, look to resolve issues raised by submitters or advance the process by handing it to a panel of independent planning experts to look at submissions and make a recommendation to council.

A decision on council’s next move is set to be made next month.

With more than 100 submissions received, deputy mayor Patrick McIvor assured council took their concerns seriously.

“Clearly this is an issue which many people feel they’re invested in and feel has quite a critical outcome,” he said.

“Council staff are taking the time to take some further technical investigation into some of the aspects of the submissions, so when it does eventually come to council, we’ll have all the facts on the table so we can make an informed decision.”

Head petitioner Ron Gregory said the number of signatures highlighted community concern over the proposed developments.

“We feel sure that our points will be considered with due care,” he said.