Drunks warned of pub ban

WITH the festive season approaching, hotel and club patrons are being warned to behave or risk being banned from all local licensed premises in the area.

The Wellington Liquor Accord has been operating for more than 10 years and promotes the responsible service, sale and consumption of alcohol in Wellington Shire.

It also discourages anti-social behaviour in and around licensed premises and public spaces.

If patrons misbehave in or around licensed premises the incidents are brought to the attention of the accord members, who meet regularly, and they may be placed on a banned or watch list.

Ten people are currently on the banned list, and are not permitted to enter licensed premises in Wellington Shire.

There are another 36 people on the watch list, where their behaviour is closely monitored at licensed premises.

Star Hotel, Sale, licensee Trent Fairweather said being banned from licensed premises meant those patrons could not attend for any reason.

“That could mean missing out on a work or family function,” he said.

Mr Fairweather said Victoria Police and Wellington Shire worked in tandem with the liquor accord, which was made up of licensees of hotels, clubs, sporting club, the RAAF and alcohol outlets throughout the Wellington Shire.

He said with the festive season fast approaching, the accord members encouraged patrons to drink responsibly and be aware that anti-social behaviour would not be tolerated.

Accord members will also be keeping an eye out for underage people trying to enter licensed premises with false identification.

Mr Fairweather said it was an offence to use false ID or supply false ID to a minor, with fines of up to $295.