Tree safety in question along Seaspray avenue

VICROADS says it is working with stakeholders, including Wellington Shire Council, on solutions to improve safety along the entire length of Seaspray Rd following an incident where a vehicle ploughed into a tree last Friday night, injuring the driver.

The 67-year-old Seaspray man was airlifted to the Royal Melbourne Hospital after the Cyprus  tree fell across the Seaspray Rd near Ellen Avenue.

The tree fell during heavy rain moments before the man’s vehicle ploughed into it about 7pm

Police said semi-darkness made the tree difficult for the driver to see.

Loch Sport police and the SES attended, with a tree felling company helping to remove the tree from the roadway.

Police said the driver suffered non life threatening injuries.

A VicRoads spokesperson said it was called out to Seaspray Rd, about 350 metres north-west of the Ellen Avenue intersection, to remove the large Cyprus tree. 

Additional works are also being carried out to complete the tree removal and clean-up the site. 

“Ageing trees growing next to roads can sometimes become a hazard in heavy rainfall and high winds and VicRoads would like to remind motorists to be vigilant in high-risk weather conditions,” the spokesperson said. 

“VicRoads is committed to providing safe conditions for all road users and actively encourages motorists to notify VicRoads of hazardous road conditions, including roadside trees.”

The spokesperson said the  community played an important role in helping identify hazards and encouraged people to phone 13 11 70 to report hazards.

The tree was part of what locals believe is an avenue of honour leading into Seaspray, although it understood neither VicRoads nor Wellington Shire Council has been able to confirm it is in fact an avenue of honour.