Explore Sale’s wetlands with a ranger on Saturday

THE local community is invited to join seasonal ranger Candice Worsteling at the Sale Common Nature Reserve on Saturday, January 30 at 10am to discover an internationally-significant wetland, just a stone’s throw from the centre of Sale. 

Parks Victoria will conduct this free ranger-guided tour showcasing the wetlands’ wildlife as well as its significance to local indigenous and regional history. 

Ms Worsteling said the event would be a great opportunity, for people of all ages, to explore the Sale Common and learn something new about this amazing area just in time for World Wetlands Day which is celebrated on February 2. 

World Wetlands Day recognises the ratification on February 2 in 1971, of the International Convention on Wetlands, also known as the Ramsar Convention, named after the location of the convention’s signing in Ramsar, Iran.

Ms Worsteling explained that the 2016 theme, “Wetlands for Our Future: Sustainable Livelihoods”, ties in to the environmental value the Sale Wetlands hold. 

“Not many people know that the two largest areas of Ramsar-recognised wetlands in Victoria are located within Gippsland: the Corner Inlet wetland site which extends to McLaughlin’s Beach; and the Gippsland Lakes site which includes Sale Common Nature Reserve,” Ms Worsteling said.

Ms Worsteling joined Parks Victoria at the end of 2015, moving to Sale and brings with her a passion for the environment and community engagement. 

“Being based in Sale has been an amazing way to see the diversity of areas that Parks Victoria manages locally from the coast at Golden Beach, to the alps out of Heyfield and Dargo. It’s really opened up a huge range of opportunities for me to learn something new.”

As part of her job, Ms Worsteling is excited that she gets to combine her studies with a chance to work with the local community. 

“I love the diversity of the role including the opportunity to interact with a wide range of park visitors and other stakeholders,” she said.

Parks Victoria’s Ranger team leader for Sale, Chris Holmes, said having extra help with people like Ms Worsteling was a real bonus at this time of year. 

“We can continue to provide high quality services and experiences for locals and for the large number of visitors who come to enjoy this beautiful part of Central Gippsland over summer,” he said.

“For those aspiring to become full time rangers, it’s also a great hands-on and fun experience and for us it a chance to try some new events.”

It’s exactly for this reason that Ms Worsteling is looking forward to running the discovery walk through the Sale Commons tomorrow, seeing it as another great chance to meet and talk with people about the local environment and what they love about living in the area.

“The common was one of the first places I explored when I moved to Sale, and I was amazed by the number and variety of birds in the reserve. I’ve been able to get some great photos, as should people who come and join us on Saturday.” 

 For more information visit Parks Victoria at www.parks.vic.gov.au