Stormy Gippsland

GIPPSLAND has had a stormy end to January, with electrical storms, rain and hail lashing local areas.

State Emergency Service volunteers attended about 20 calls for help in Gippsland on Friday night after a wild storm.

Calls related to building damage as a result of heavy rain and fallen trees blocking roads.

Many reports of building damage as a result of flooding came through about midnight as the heaviest rain fell.

Maffra SES Unit attended a call-out for assistance after water leaked through light fittings in a ceiling.

Flood watches were issued for East Gippsland, including the Gippsland Lakes, at the weekend.

The Lighthouse at Wilsons Promontory recorded the highest amount of rainfall with 121mm that night.

Genoa received 111mm and 51mm fell in Yarram.

Flash flooding was reported on roads across Gippsland on Friday afternoon, as well as large hailstones.

An electrical storm and wild winds and rain also lashed local areas on Saturday night.

To help prevent storm damage, the SES advises people to clean out gutters, maintain roof tiling and seals, have sandbags made and ready to use and trim vegetation around houses.

For SES help, phone 132 500.