Another strangles case

EQUINE Sports Therapy in Maffra has reported another confirmed case of the notifiable equine disease strangles. 

The property is in the Sale area, well away from any other previously confirmed cases, and is likely to have resulted from contact with horses away from the property at a local event.

This latest  case follows confirmed reports of three horses in Longford with strangles.

That property is under self-imposed quarantine.

Local veterinarians are urging owners to ensure their horses are vaccinated against strangles to prevent further spread of the disease.

Strangles is an infection found in horses, ponies and donkeys and is highly contagious.

It is a bacterial infection of the throat which can lead to abscesses and potentially death.

Early symptoms include swelling of the throat and under the jaw, high temperatures, mucous discharge, difficulty or disinterest in eating and general malaise. The only treatment is rest.

Strangles is a notifiable disease and if it is discovered on a property, owners must notify the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources on 136 186.

Properties are not placed under compulsory quarantine and details are kept confidential, however biosecurity measures are strongly advised.