Gormandale’s 16-year-land zoning error corrected

WELLINGTON Shire Council has moved to correct a planning anomaly, which has resulted in land in Gormandale incorrectly zoned for 16 years.

Council endorsed a planning scheme amendment to rezone 13 lots between Calladale Court and Gormandale-Stradbroke St from rural living to township zone.

The land, located in the Gormandale township, was mistakenly placed within the rural living zone at the time of former Alberton Shire planning scheme was translated into the Wellington Planning Scheme in 2000.

The anomaly was only discovered when a building permit application was rejected last year.

This triggered a process to correct it, with council locating documentation dating back to 1982 which showed the land was identified for residential purposes.

A planning permit for a 13-lot residential subdivision and construction of an associated residential road was issued in 1985.

Council received approval from the state Planning Minister to expedite the process to correct the anomaly.

Written consent to advance the process was also received from seven directly-affected landowners, Gippsland Water and the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources.

The amendment requires the approval of the minister before being formally adopted.