Speeding while suspended

WELLINGTON Highway Patrol members intercepted a vehicle driving at high speed near Stratford on Sunday night.

Officers were patrolling the Princes Highway about 6.40pm when they allegedly detected a car travelling at 146kmh in a 100 zone.

The driver, a 23-year-old man from Burwood, is expected to be charged on summons with speeding offences and driving while suspended.

POLICE are urging drivers who have had a big night out drinking to ensure their blood alcohol content is below the legal limit before getting behind the wheel.

Stratford police intercepted a 33-year-old man at 9.42am on Saturday, April 23, for not wearing a seat belt.

Following a roadside preliminary breath test, the man was taken to Maffra police station where he returned an alleged BAC reading of 0.155.

His licence was immediately suspended and he will be charged on summons for drink driving and failure to wear a seat belt.

DRIVERS are being urged to slow down and take a good look at intersections, with police reporting a number of near collisions in the area.

Stratford police said many of the incidents had taken place in 100kmh zones, prompting them to caution drivers.