Vandals wreck Holey Plains park sheds

PARKS Victoria rangers were disappointed to find vandalised sheds in the Holey Plains State Park, near Sale, during their recent patrols of the park. 

Three sheds were vandalised near Ben Winch Swamp, with one shed so extensively damaged that it will now need to be completely removed.

Parks Victoria is reminding visitors that any activity that interferes with the natural landscape, including vandalism within a protected park or reserve is illegal and carries serious penalties. 

Parks Victoria ranger team leader, Chris Holmes, said it was disappointing.

“The actions of these particular park users have resulted in major vandalism of Parks Victoria assets, which means the community can no longer utilise these facilities,” he said.

“We are now in the process of having the site cleaned up as it is a hazard for public safety.”

Parks Victoria will be undertaking regular patrols of the area and are also seeking the support and assistance of the public.  

If the community members do witness any suspicious activities, or suspect illegal dumping of waste is occurring within the reserves, they are advised to phone Victoria Police or the Parks Victoria Information Centre on 13 19 63.