Ten candidates for Gippsland

TEN candidates will contest the seat of Gippsland at the July 2 federal election.

The order of the ballot was decided at the Australian election Commission office in Sale on Friday.

The Greens’ Ian Onley will be first on the lower house ballot paper, followed by Rise Up Australia’s Peter Dorian, the ALP’s Shashi Bhatti, independent Christine Sindt, Family First’s Brian Heath, independent Cherie Smith, incumbent national Darren Chester, Australian Christian’s Ashleigh Belsar, the Renewable Energy Party’s Peter Gardner, and Liberal Democratic Party’s Ben Buckley has taken the tenth position on the ballot.

Mr Onley was understandably excited about his number one position.

“It’s a great place to be,” he said.

“Our policies are going to bring Gippsland forwards, so it’s a great thing for Gippsland too.”

Candidates were first randomly allocated a number, then the numbers were drawn by blindfolded volunteer Carolyn McAinch from a bingo cage.

Incumbent Darren Chester secured the safe conservative seat at the 2013 election with 53.8 per cent of the valid primary vote and 65.8 per cent of the two party preferred vote.

Prepolling for the seat of Gippsland is open from Tuesday in the former Medicare office, near the clock tower in Raymond St, Sale.

Gippsland candidates (in ballot paper order):

Ian Onley – Greens

Peter Dorian – Rise Up Australia

Shashi Bhatti – Labor

Christine Sindt – independent

Brian Heath – Family First

Cherie Smith – independent

Darren Chester (incumbent) – Nationals

Ashleigh Belsar – Australian Christians Party

Peter Gardner – Renewable Energy Party

Ben Buckley – Liberal Democratic Party