Blood brothers donate

SALE’S emergency service workers are rolling up their sleeves, contributing to a lifesaving blood donation campaign just in time to help combat a potentially harmful drop-off in donor numbers.

From next Monday until Friday, August 12, members of Sale’s emergency services will unite at the Sale Mobile Donor Centre to donate blood as part of the Red25 Emergency Services Challenge.

The blood service has indicated Sale needs more donors to step up and fill appointments when it visits soon, with more than 110 additional donors needed.

The challenge will go a long way to bolstering winter blood stocks as cold and flu season ramps up.

“Our emergency service personnel are often busy saving lives outside of donor centres, but still have found the time to roll up their sleeves when we’re in town,” blood service spokesperson Wendy Todd said.

“We’re hoping their leadership will inspire other locals to rise to the occasion and make an appointment to donate during July and August.

“This will be critical to helping the one in three Australians who will need donated blood this winter.”

This year, local emergency services are taking part in a statewide blood challenge.

The service donating the most will be declared the winner and awarded bragging rights.

Sale CFA operations manager Allan Rankin said the emergency services tried their best to prop up the demand for blood when others could not donate during cold and flu season.

“Emergency services work together in response, but also in the community, such as filling the blood bus,” he said.

“We hope that others in the local community will take advantage of the bus while it’s in town, and make sure its cause is well supported.”

The Sale Mobile Donor Centre will be in town from next Monday, July 25, until Friday, August 12, at Sale Greyhound Racing Club.

To donate, phone 13 14 95 or visit