Drivers beware of fowl play

AS Sale Botanic Garden’s peahens begin teaching their young about the world around them, some residents in the area have become increasingly concerned about passing traffic.

Speed limits on Guthridge Parade have recently dropped to 50kmh, but some residents are concerned the message hasn’t reached drivers, threatening the peachicks.

Peafowl freely roam around the gardens, as well as in some Guthridge Parade front lawns, and have done so for many years.

Gill Smith said she was abused from a car when she asked a driver to slow down for a mother hen and chick crossing the road.

“People are not slowing down — one was hit a couple of weeks ago,” she said.

“A couple of people actually speed up when they see the birds.”

Ms Smith added the birds had been part of Sale for generations, and seeing them in danger was “distressing”.

“You have to stop when they’re crossing,” she said.

“One particular mum (peahen) loves crossing the road, and she’s going to get skittled.”

Police said they hadn’t heard of any incidents, but advised drivers should slow down and always watch where they were driving.

People witnessing illegal driver behaviour can write down number plates and phone 000 or Sale police on 5142 2200.