Esso investigates

ALLEGATIONS of a seal being killed on an oil platform and drugs on and offshore are being investigated by Esso.

Last Sunday, January 14, a dead seal was found on the sea deck of the Kingfish B platform.

As a result, Esso suspended all work on the platform and began a full investigation into the incident.

A social media report alleges the seal was deliberately killed by improvised steel with fabricated points on the end, with the implements found on sea deck next to the dead seal.

The report also said the seal’s body was rolled into the sea, and a computer tablet, which had captured images of the seal, was seized by the company.

An Esso spokesperson said the seal’s death had been reported to the National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority, and it would work with this and other agencies to “identify appropriate follow-up activities”.

“We maintain the highest standard for environmental care, and aim to protect the safety and health of our workers, the public and the environment,” the spokesperson added.

“Any actions that do not align with our commitment to environmental performance excellence will not be tolerated.”

Just three days earlier, on Thursday, January 11, a used syringe was found at Esso’s Longford heliport.

The company is conducting an investigation into the potential source of the syringe, and its contents.

A social media post alleges more syringes and a small bag with a white substance was found on an offshore facility, but this has not been confirmed by the company.

The Esso spokesperson said the company had followed its standard procedures, and had “not identified any evidence of drugs associated with the syringe found at the Longford heliport”.

“We have a zero tolerance policy for illegal activities and are committed to taking all necessary steps to ensure our facilities are free of drugs and alcohol,” he said.

“Under our policy, we conduct searches and regular drug and alcohol testing as part of our business as usual approach.

“Esso will conduct a detailed investigation to ensure all people working at its facilities are in full compliance with our drug and alcohol policy, and that we are providing a safe workplace for all workers at our facilities.

“Esso’s absolute priority is to ensure a safe and secure working environment for our employees and contractors.”

It is unclear whether Esso personnel or contractors are being investigated regarding these recent alleged incidents, and Esso has not confirmed whether anyone has been stood down.

In the past, Esso has demonstrated a zero tolerance alcohol and drug policy, with people found to be in breach immediately dismissed and escorted offsite by security.