Special charge scheme for Wurruk and Yarram

WELLINGTON Shire Council will proceed with special charge schemes to upgrade roads in Wurruk and Yarram.

Property owners in a section of Riverview Rd, Wurruk, and McMillan Crescent, Yarram, will contribute part of the cost.

Council claimed the properties would derive benefit from the works by a reduction in dust, enhancing amenity and character of the area, creation of improved riding surfaces, improved access and egress from properties, improved road drainage, and improved safety for motorists.

Riverview Rd will be sealed for 430 metres between Golding and Fisk Sts.

The section of road has limited road shoulders, while drainage is primarily open channel drains which discharge into the underground drainage network.

Private property owners will be paying $57,000 of the $185,000 cost. The average estimated cost per property will be $4930.

The other scheme will pay for the full construction of McMillan Crescent and a section of Commercial St, south of Duke St, Yarram, including the full sealing and a footpath along one side.

Property owners will pay $29,000 of the $74,000 project cost. They will pay between $800 and $1600.

After more than 70 per cent of liable property owners supported their scheme, council last year stated its intention to proceed with both, pending any objections from affected land owners.

While there were no objections to the Wurruk scheme, council received one from Yarram. The objector claimed the footpath was not required as there was minimal pedestrian traffic in the area.

With the kerb and channel due to be renewed in McMillan Crescent because of its poor condition, council offered abutting landowners the option to seal the road and provide a footpath on one side of the street under a special charge scheme.

All 18 owners in the area of the proposed scheme who responded to a survey last year were in favour of a scheme. Two did not respond.

Thirteen owners wanted the road sealed and a footpath constructed, while five only wanted the road sealed.

A committee of three councillors considered the objection, recommending it was not enough to stop the scheme going ahead as planned. The objector declined the opportunity to speak to the committee.