Holey Plain threatened by fire

HOLEY Plain property owner Richard Crooke said he and his wife Thea were “anxious, but well organised” as they stayed to defend the historic homestead from the fire raging between Longford and Rosedale.

The fire threatened to spill from the pine plantation opposite their property, destroying some fences and sparking grass fires on Friday night.

The pair had plenty of helpers and firefighting equipment as the worst of the fire bore down, including a road grader, trailers with tanks and a truck with a fire fighting outfit.

Cattle were shifted to safer areas, as bare, drought-affected paddocks made it difficult for embers to take hold.

While there were concerns for the 139-year-old homestead, he said of most concern was a new house on the property, owned by his daughter Sophie and her husband Andy.

“Their house was right in the firing line,” he said.

“They took their valuables and shot through for the night.”

The pair had a long night, but were relieved to return to find their house still standing on Saturday morning.

Also affected was the nearby property of Mr Crooke’s brother, Ian, with the fire raging though bushland and grassland.