Three-car crash

A FEMALE driver was lucky to escape with minor injuries on Monday after her car was sandwiched in a three-car collision on Seaspray Rd, near an incline known as the 3GI Hill at Longford.

Police allege a woman was driving a sedan which hit the back of a stationary car attempting to turn right, which was then pushed into the path of an oncoming four-wheel-drive vehicle.

She received minor injuries and was taken to Sale hospital for checks.

No other drivers were injured, although the sandwiched car and the four-wheel-drive received significant damage.

Sale police said the collision was being investigated.

A BLOWN tyre is believed to have caused a 4.5-tonne truck to veer off the Seaspray Rd near Longford about 2pm on Sunday and plough into a nearby pine forest.

The truck was negotiating a left hand bend when one tyre is thought to have peeled and disintegrated, causing the vehicle to swerve into the plantation area and cut down a young tree.

The driver was taken to hospital with a suspected broken ankle.

Sale police said no charges would be laid, as it did not involve any driving breaches.