Cost saving for road upgrade in Stratford

THE cost of ugprading Industrial Rd, Stratford, was almost 43 per cent under the original estimate.

Wellington Shire Council has adopted the final cost certificate for the Industrial Road Special Charge Street Construction Scheme, producing a 42.7 per cent saving.

The total estimated cost for the road’s upgrade was $120,000, well above the actual final figure of $68,796.10.

During last Tuesday’s council meeting, councillor Gayle Maher welcomed the report as a “good news report”.

She said the savings was “a fabulous outcome”.

A special charge scheme will be set for residents of Bruce St, one of the few unsealed roads in Yarram.

A council officer’s report has predicted improvements for residents once the 230 metre section of road is sealed to include a reduction in dust, improved riding surface, enhanced amenity and drainage, better access to properties and improved safety for motorists.

A committee made up of three councillors will hear submissions from residents facing financial hardship and to consider objections.

The total amount of the special charge to be levied is $18,000.

Residents within the special charge scheme will contribute $5400 each, and council will contribute 70 per cent of the street upgrade costs.

A council survey of residents found “there is a high level of support for the proposed special charge to undertake these construction works in conjunction with the kerb and channel replacement works”.