Stop dumping at op shops

VOLUNTEERS at Wellington Food Relief Op Shop have again been left disappointed after a large amount of rubbish was dumped in the shop’s carpark recently.

Unfortunately the dumped rubbish is an all-too-familiar sight for local op shop staff. Items like clothes and glasswear are regularly dumped alongside bags of rubbish that should be going to the tip, forcing volunteers to spend hours sorting through the mess.

Wellington Food Relief Op Shop volunteer Stephen Colman said it was always a mental blow to arrive and find goods scattered.”It’s pretty common with stuff left out the

back, just to find it all everywhere,” he said.

“It’s disappointing and disheartening.”

Apart from the clean-up, Mr Colman said there were other implications which came from people leaving donations out in the open.

“A lot of the stuff you could have used – but if it rains the night before it wrecks it,” he said.

“Most of our donations go into the community to help the community, so if we all stick together we can do more,” Mr Colman said.

About a dozen people volunteer with the Wellington Food Relief Op Shop.

In addition to running the opportunity shop, volunteers also operate a food bank service and furniture store for those needing a helping hand.

The shop also supports a number of community organisations through fundraising.

Wellington Food Relief Op Shop, at 87 Macarthur St, Sale, is open from 9.30am to 4pm weekdays and until 12.30pm Saturdays.

People should donate during opening hours.