Car impounded after being driven at 165kph

A CAR has been impounded after it was driven at 65 kilometres per hour over the speed limit on the Princes Highway this week.

Wellington Highway Patrol at 5.23pm on Monday detected a vehicle on the mobile radar device travelling at 165kph through a 100kph zone of the Princes Highway at Nambrok.

The vehicle was immediately impounded for 30 days, while the driver will appear at court.

SCRAP metal has been stolen from the Kilmany Tip.

Police have asked for people who were in the vicinity of the tip on Friday, July 10, about 2.30am.

It is believed a vehicle has attended at the tip, loaded the boot full of scrap metal and left.

The same vehicle has also damaged the front entrance gate by cutting the fence to gain entry to the site.

Anyone with information about the theft has been asked to phone Constable Cook at the Sale Police on 51 42 2200 or Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000.