Vandals attack Sale Common

VANDALS have targeted Sale Common Nature Conservation Reserve over the past few weeks, prompting Parks Victoria to issue a reminder to treat the park and its assets with respect.

According to Parks Victoria, fences have been cut at the reserve, and a fire was started on one of the boardwalks.

Parks Victoria area chief ranger Bridget Grant said Parks Victoria was committed to conserving the environment for future generations to enjoy and protect it from threats.

“It’s disappointing to have to divert our time and resources to deal with vandalism in our parks,” she said.

Parks Victoria is currently working with Victoria Police to investigate the vandalism.

With high visitor numbers expected during the summer months, Parks Victoria’s authorised officers will be conducting compliance patrols to enforce environmental protection, so park visitors can have a safe and enjoyable experience.

People caught doing the wrong thing will face penalties, as their actions are not only damaging to the environment but can put lives at risk.

Although rangers regularly patrol the area, park visitors and neighbours remain an important source of information to manage poor behaviour.

Anyone with information about illegal activity should phone Parks Victoria on 131 963.