The future of Maffra determined by plan

WELLINGTON Shire has been winning attention from city dwellers this year as people shift to regional areas in search of open space, nature and an affordable way of living.

Maffra has emerged as a popular choice, offering a vibrant and family-friendly small-town lifestyle, with many of the conveniences normally only found in larger regional centres.

To manage population growth and guide infrastructure delivery in the town during the next 20 years, a new Maffra Structure Plan is being developed – and residents and stakeholders are invited to help shape it by signing up to Your Wellington Your Say at

In recent years, Maffra has experienced a housing shortage, and this project aims at addressing this issue, including how the challenge of how stormwater drainage will be funded.

A public exhibition of the ‘Maffra Structure Plan: Discussion Paper and Emerging Directions’ and a concurrent consultation period will continue for six weeks until Monday, April 19.

This will include a drop-in session on Tuesday, March 23, from 2pm to 6pm in Maffra Memorial Hall.

Wellington Shire mayor Garry Stephens said the plan would give council a framework for land use and new residential developments, and guide how it could deliver new infrastructure as Maffra continued to grow.

“The aim is to give locals an even better quality of life while attracting new residents and businesses, so I encourage everyone to have their say,” he said.

Following the community consultation, a draft structure plan will be drawn up and a second round of public and stakeholder consultation will be held.

A final structure plan will then be implemented via the Wellington Planning Scheme, which guides the use, development and protection of land and buildings across the shire.

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