Dragon boaters clean up port and Flooding Creek

PLASTIC bags, bottles and face masks were fished out of Sale’s waterways recently as the Gippsland Water Dragons joined in the annual Clean Up Australia Day.

Sixteen members of the dragon boat club took to the water with nets and buckets and paddled around the Port of Sale and up Flooding Creek picking up rubbish along the banks and floating in the water.

Gippsland Water Dragons secretary Trish Bodey said aluminium cans, plastic bags and bottles made up the bulk of the haul, along with a large number of chewing gum wrappers.

“We also picked up plastic buckets, polystyrene floats, Tupperware containers and face masks,” she said.

“We also spotted a shopping trolley, which couldn’t be retrieved on the day, but some members are planning to go and pull it out later.”

Ms Bodey said one of the best parts of being involved in the club was paddling on the picturesque local water ways.

“So members were sad to see such a beautiful environment spoilt by people’s thoughtlessness when they leave rubbish in the area,” she said.

“But everyone felt good about doing their bit to clean things up.

“As always there was a lot of laughter as well as some more serious paddling training along with the clean-up activity.”

The Gippsland Water Dragons train on Sundays from 10am and Tuesday from 5.30pm, leaving from the boat ramp at the Port of Sale.

The club’s next challenge will be participating in the Race the Rubeena event on March 28, when they will take on the historic boat as part of Rotary’s fundraiser.

People interested in trying dragon boating can get a month’s free membership with the club to have a go at the sport.

Membership is open to anyone over the age of 10 and of any fitness level.

For more information visit the club’s Facebook page or email gippslandwaterdragons@gmail.com.