Joey rescued from rising floodwaters in Pearsondale

Daryl Hunt found more than he was expecting when checking his waterlogged property on Saturday morning. Photo: Contributed

Liz Bell

DOZENS of heart-warming tales of rescue, heroism and acts of kindness have come out of last week’s floods, including a touching story of an unexpected stranding in Pearsondale.
Farmer Daryl Hunt was checking his boundary fences on Saturday morning after the Latrobe River, which backs onto his property, more than doubled its width and swept up everything in its path.
But it wasn’t just debris and fence posts swirling around in the fast- moving waters, with wallabies, kangaroos and even hog deer in the mix as the frightened animals desperately tried to stay afloat and jump their way to safety.
“I was watching the wallabies trying to outrun and out-swim the rising water; they were just exhausted and would get to the fence line and just hang there for a while,” he said.
“Then I noticed a mob of three eastern grey kangaroos frantically jumping through the paddock when suddenly a small joey tumbled out of one of the adult’s pouches,” Mr Hunt said.
“I figured the kangaroo would come back for it, but they were so frightened they just scrambled in different directions and left it behind.”
Mr Hunt went to the aid of the wet and terrified joey and found it sheltering behind a farm truck.
“It was frightened, but I scooped it up in my shirt and it just sort of snuggled in and let me keep it warm,” he said.
“There was a lot of debris from the floods, but a joey was the last thing I expected to find on my walk.”
Mr Hunt said the little female joey, which he described as “very cute”, was collected by a local wildlife carer who will look after it at her property until it is ready for release.
Anybody who finds injured or displaced native animals should phone Wildlife Victoria — which can contact local rescue personnel — on 8400 7300.