Flooding not just by name

The Flooding Creek Trail, near the entrance on Stephenson Street, as seen on Thursday, September 1. Photo: Tom Parry

The Flooding Creek Trail is… well, flooded.

Parts of the popular walking and cycling route, which passes through the Sale Common Nature Conservation Reserve, are currently inundated with water as a result of extreme weather events.

As such, both of the reserve’s boardwalks are now inaccessible to the public.

While not ideal for pedestrians or cyclists, the raised water levels do serve an important purpose, according to Parks Victoria’s Central Gippsland district manager, Helen Dixon.

“Floods like the ones we are experiencing right now are good for wetlands, promoting ecosystem health, strength and resilience,” Ms Dixon said.

“Wetlands function to protect coastline and inland areas from erosion and water damage.

“So if our wetlands are flooding, that means they are doing their job.”

Local fauna are relishing the floodwaters, with native birds and amphibia being seen and heard around the reserve.

The path leading to the Swing Bridge has been cut in both directions.
Photo: Tom Parry

Meanwhile, Parks Victoria has confirmed that it intends to replace the reserve’s Eastern Boardwalk, which has been deemed unsafe for use.

The organisation is working with Wellington Shire and the local Rotary chapter to restore and improve the eastern section of the reserve.

Assessments about repair works and visitor safety will start once water in the reserve subsides.

The works are targeted for completion by the end of 2023.


The Eastern Boardwalk at Sale Common is in need of replacement and will remain closed until late 2023.
Photo: Tom Parry