Lack of beach walking track a safety issue

Chris Sarsfield, Heyfield


LIKE many regular visitors to the hamlet of Seaspray, my family enjoys exploring the local environs, which includes the local coastline toward the Honeysuckles and beyond.

From time-to-time, the beach path is not the easiest method of travel (especially with toddlers in strollers).

Our need to revert to Shoreline Drive causes some concern for our safety, particularly in busy periods like school holidays, or if the atmosphere is heavily sea-misted, as in some late autumn afternoons, reducing motorists’ visibility.

We stick to the grass verge where possible but the rabbits have made this almost impossible in parts, causing us to venture onto the road.

Cars and other vehicles do travel at speed along this road, and can be quite intimidating.

We need a walking track for our protection. The responsible authority must act now, as there has already been a serious pedestrian collision on this road – luckily the child was not killed.

If the funding can been identified as I’m told it might be in council’s next budget, then allocate and use it or accept liability.

Petition for walking track