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Disappointed Chester supports gay marriage

Darren Chester's recent decision to endorse gay marriage is disappointing.

Enlightened gran

Upgraded and enlightened grandmother

Try a little compassion

A local with an open mind on same-sex marriage

Support for Chester

Why the resistance to consenting adults marrying?

Who represents Darren’s 66 per cent?

Why is it that in most political debates today (and I use the term "debate" loosely), a person is inevitably categorised as either a...

‘Nothing for cows to celebrate’

There is nothing for dairy cows to celebrate during Dairy Week.

Local e-voucher system has been a success

As the owner of a small business in Sale, I would like to thank the Sale Business and Tourism Association for implementing and promoting the innovative e-voucher system.

GST imposes an unfair burden on some

Government members are talking about increasing and broadening the GST, all in the name of 'tax reform'.

It is possible to survive a bushfire

Ms Goodge was not at her home when the fires of 2006-07 and 2012-13 occurred, so is not qualified to instruct people "don't even (think) you might be able to survive".

Advice of how to cope with extreme heat

Extreme heat can affect anyone, but older people are especially vulnerable to heat stress and heat-related illnesses.

Truth, muffins and same sex marriageĀ 

It seems that there are all sorts of problems that arise whenever we start to talk about same-sex marriage.There are problems with redefinition, with...

Privatisation of essential services ‘failure’

Problems with power supply originate in privatisation of essential services

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