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Local ‘wrongly accused’ of burglary

 The gentleman who wrote of his dissatisfaction over the court process may have well had his home broken into.  I was charged for the burglary, but I had nothing to do with it.

Setting up some obstacles to fire

The fires having dampened down, it has to be time for us all to consider forestry management in an attempt to avoid such devastation...

Climate change bigger problem than fuel load

I READ Ralph Baraclough’s letter with interest (Gippsland Times 5/3) regarding recent fires. I thought the letter was going to explain how increased average summer temperature and dryness was a key to the increased frequency and ferocity of wildfires around the world, not just in Victoria where we have had many over the years, even during times of regular controlled burns

Questions over beach towns power outage

LAST  Tuesday morning at 9am our power suddenly stopped. At first we weren’t concerned.Often the power goes off for a short period, caused by an...

What’s in a name?

It's clever tactics from Esso, to call the practice a benign noun like “well” to imply little more than an innocent, innocuous hole in the ground.

Smouldering fire 

Unattended campfire at Golden Beach

Ban camp fires

Government must ban camp fires during high risk times

Ideas for Sale’s three lazy assets

AS I drive from home to work and back every day, I see three of this city’s laziest assets.  Sale horse racing track, the Sale Dish-licker Track and Sale Showgrounds probably represent tens of millions of dollars in unrealised value.

Dementia rate set to rise in Gippsland region unless lifestyle ch anges made 

In the State Electorate District of Gippland East, there are currently an estimated 1073 people living with dementia, and in Gipplsand South 855.

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‘Play on’ for local sport

THE easing of COVID restrictions has paved the way for senior sport to resume this weekend. The ban on movement between metropolitan Melbourne and regional...