Second place for Krusic

LOCAL motocross rider Jono Krusic has completed a successful Australian Arenacross and Supercross series, wrapping up a second place in the MX1 pro class championship.

Krusic finished third in round one at Bathurst before finishing top of the podium at Brisbane, with a crash at Bathurst costing him the overall victory by just five points.

Unlike motocross, an outdoor sport, the series are held either inside a stadium or showground arenas under lights to a spectator crowd of more than 6000 people. 

Round one was held in conjunction with the V8 Supercars at Bathurst in October, with the final round held at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre on November 8.

The final round at Brisbane was massive, with Krusic competing in the final round of Arenacross during the day, taking a two hour break before lining up to compete in the night time Supercross event, again finishing on the podium to claim third place in the SX1 intermediate class.

Krusic competed strongly in his events with techniques he has mastered with long hours of practice on his own private Supercross track.

Unlike most competitors who just train and ride, Krusic also works a full-time job, juggling his workload between the family quarry and weekends at the family operated ride park.

Krusic attributes his success to his dedication to the sport and his strong will to compete. He also takes satisfaction coaching young riders of a weekend at the family ride park.