Committee defends ‘Men’s Night Out’


THE Coongulla Reserves Committee of Management, in its capacity as manager of the Coongulla Community Hall, organised a fundraiser, a ‘Men’s Night Out’ that did not violate any legal boundaries.

Due to the pressure imposed by members of the media promoting a completely different agenda, we have now cancelled the event.

There was and would not have been any violence to women.

We believe that the community of Coongulla has been unfairly depicted and denigrated.

Our aim was to promote Coongulla and provide the male members of our community with entertainment.

The timing as being school holidays was totally irrelevant, as children should not be walking the streets after 9pm.

The pressures that we have been subjected to puts every hall committee in question for every fundraising event they hold.

We welcome you to our Grand Final Eve Footy night.

The kitchen and bar will be operating.

Look forward to seeing you in your footy colours.

Editor’s note: The Gippsland Times article did not suggest the event may have resulted in violence against women. The issue of violence was not raised in the article, although was raised in a subsequent ABC Radio Statewide Drive interview.