Footprints help on the ground now needed


IN an age where sporting stars, actors and high profile celebrities are admired by millions and lauded as hero’s and champions, a real champion resides among us.

Kain Jackson covered 422 kilometres as he ran 10 marathons in 10 days around Gippsland in order to raise awareness for the Footprints Foundation.

Kain founded the foundation to support local families who have a mother, sister, daughter or grandmother going through treatment for breast cancer.

The 10-marathon effort is symbolic of the battle women must endure as they complete a chemotherapy cycle for the treatment of breast cancer.

The marathon is the culmination of more than six months of intense training and preparation.

Kain has trained six times per week and invested about 25 hours every week to preparing his body to ensure he successfully completed his 10-marathon effort.

He modified his diet, lifestyle and made immense sacrifices to ensure he was adequately prepared.

Kain is a person who should be celebrated and admired as a role model.

Where most high profile role models that society admires do so for some form of personal gain, Kain did it for the good of others.

He invested immense amounts of time, energy and effort into his preparation, while working full time and being a dedicated father.

His physical effort has been matched by equally incredible mental strength and determination.

The raw emotion and positive energy that has followed him as he toured around Gippsland was something truly enriching to experience.

People needing assistance through the Footprints Foundation will have their lives changed and enriched by Kain’s effort.

Kain has been supported by an incredible group of people along his journey, none more so than his amazing wife Nicole and two beautiful daughters and his parents Allan and Rosemary.

They have been there every day during the past six months to see him push himself physically and mentally to his limits.

From a personal perspective, being involved with Kain and his support team has been the most personally and professionally enriching experience of my life and career.

It has been fantastic to see so many people inspired and committed to come together in support of Kain.

Now it is time for all of those who have been inspired by his efforts to give him and his team the recognition that they deserve by committing to the Footprints Foundation.

A small investment of time by many can see this amazing resource help those in real need in our community.

Footprints will not succeed and Kain’s efforts will soon be redundant if the community does not carry the momentum of the past two weeks forward.

Let’s back his commitment and effort and make a real difference to our community.