Strip night cancellation applauded


Congratulations to the Coongulla Hall Committee for making the decision to cancel the men’s night and replace it with a family football night on the same date.

This decision is an example of how communities can address gender stereotypes and promote change in attitudes towards women in order to prevent violence and discrimination against women.

We feel it is important to highlight that the objectification and sexualisation of women through jokes, language, advertising, music and events that portray women as objects is contributing to the problem of violence against women.

The devaluing of women maintains and creates unequal stereotypes and forms a basis where violence supportive attitudes and behaviours towards women do exist.

Gippsland agencies work hard to end and prevent violence against women in our community as this is an issue that does affect all of us.

Men to Stop Violence Against Women member B.K. Roy put it this way:

“Violence against women is only the tip of the iceberg; underneath that exists discrimination of all kinds”.