A reminder of why the battle must continue


LAST week I phoned a friend and asked how his wife had fared with the doctor, as she had an appointment to receive some results of a number of tests as part of monitoring her cancer treatment (she was diagnosed in August last year).

She had appeared really quite well considering, pretty much going about her normal life and activities.

We were optimistic, but this time there was bad news.

The cancer has spread and she was told she has between three weeks and three month to live.

My friend and his family, including their wide circle of friends, are devastated.

As part of the Cancer Council of Victoria’s Relay For Life Committee that is busy planning and organising the coming Wellington Relay For Life event in March next year, and focusing time and attention to that, I was reminded by my friend’s sad news as to why a great number of people in our communities do work and contribute to a number of cancer related programs and activities.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the organisational details and perhaps forget that we all desperately want to rid our society of all types of cancer so that this insidious disease in all its forms and types no longer means a death sentence.

Five year survival rates have slowly improved, but the survival rate for some cancers is quite low.

There is still a long way to go.

Unfortunately, despite all the efforts of so many people in organizing fundraising activities, and others supporting the variety of cancer related events, my friend’s time with us is going to be limited, causing so much sadness and devastation to her friends and family.

I encourage people to keep participating in, and supporting any way we can, these events so that one day in the future, families won’t be dealt the terrible sort of news that we received this week.

People interested in participating in the eighth Cancer Council of Victoria’s Wellington (Sale) Relay For Life event on March 28 and 29 next year can go online to www.relayforlife.org.au or contact our Cancer Council of Victoria co-ordinator Emily on 0487 700 383.